At Mazars we understand how important taxation is, and we use our diverse range of specialist expertise to help solve our clients’ tax issues.

Tax Compliance

We are using our experience of providing cross-border tax compliance services to deliver both domestic and global multi-tax compliance services for our clients.

Corporate Tax

Our team has an in depth understanding of the industries in which our clients operate and appreciate the issues currently affecting directors and shareholders.

We provide proactive advice, looking at tax issues from all perspectives. As businesses develop, so do tax liabilities. Mazars provides a broad spectrum of corporate tax services for every stage of a company’s life.

Expatriate Taxation

Managing and motivating globally mobile employees isn’t always easy. Understanding and responding to tax requirements at home and abroad can be time consuming and complicated. Mazars can help you plan and manage the challenges that come with a global workforce.

Cross Border Tax Advisory

Mazars is an international firm with worldwide connections and a strong global presence. In an ever-changing global landscape where multinational organisations have to navigate legislative, regulatory and tax developments, we understand the tax implications of working in a global economy.

Tax Consultancy

Our extensive experience provides us with excellent insights into the policies and procedures adopted by tax authorities. We offer a true added value service, working with your businesses to make sure you stay ahead in this ever-evolving and pressured environment.

Tax alert on the changes proposed under the Income Tax Bill

Are you aware of the changes under the income tax bill?
Member’s clubs and trade associations
Member’s clubs and trade associations will be deemed as carrying on business and will be subjected to tax on all income they receive including entrance fees and subscriptions by members.
To read more changes proposed by the income tax bill, see this link.

Are you aware of the tax amnesty for foreign income?
June 30th is the deadline for tax payers with foreign sourced income for which tax has not been paid in Kenya. To find out more about this amnesty, download the document below.

Are you unsure about your obligation to file a tax return or pay income tax?
Individuals that are resident in Kenya are taxed on their worldwide income while individuals that are not resident in Kenya are taxed only on Kenya sourced income. Double Tax Treaties allow residents of some countries to face less taxation and avoid double taxation in certain instances. If you are unsure about your duty or obligation to file an income tax return or pay tax in Kenya, contact the Mazars Kenya tax team.